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Transfer Tooling

Transfer Tooling Services

Transfer Tooling is a process used where the production of a component requires a number of tooling stages.
Cotmor can meet your needs with its comprehensive stable of machinery and expertise.
Depending on the best configuration for your project, our precision-built tools can be mounted into one large bed tooling area. Alternatively, they can be mounted into a number of presses which are then joined together with automatic feeding equipment.

As with all our projects, the initial stage is us getting to know you and your specific needs. Once we understand that completely we will carefully look at how they can be met. We will consider the process, tooling and die needs before putting together a proposal. It may be that there are efficiencies to be made using a different approach and we will recommend that.
Our vast store of quality-checked dies can mean that costs can be controlled through re-use of a suitable tool. That’s where Cotmor’s 63 years of experience comes in.

Cotmor offers a Transfer Tooling Service from our 15,000 sq ft premises in the West Midlands, to clients all over the UK and internationally.
The project always starts with YOU and your specific needs. We welcome the chance of an initial, obligation-free discussion so we can get to know what you need better. Using our experience and expertise we will carefully consider how we can help you to achieve your finished metal component goals.

Please contact us for a quote… We partner you all the way – from concept to delivery.

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