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Progression Presswork

High volume metal presswork runs

If your project needs higher volumes of components then it may require our Progression Presswork systems. This can maximise efficiencies in both production time and cost.
By feeding rolls of the metal into the presses, a progressive stamping die is used to complete all stages of the pressing, through to the finished product, as a continuous production line.

Cotmor’s Progression Presswork systems use an automatic feeding method through the stages of progressive stamping. This can involve coining, bending, punching or a number of other methods by which the metal is manipulated to produce the desired end product form. Finally, the completed part is separated from the carrying web and superfluous metal is discarded.

The process requires precision set-up on our high-quality equipment to ensure that the strip advancement is precise at each stage. This ensures alignment within thousandths of an inch for each step.
The project may call for more complex operations involving component transfer to another or a number of pressing stations.

The Progression Presswork service from Cotmor is a full, high quality and cost effective service.
From our 15,000 sq.ft dedicated premises in the West Midlands, we assist our customers from all over the UK and internationally to meet the demands of their projects.

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