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Deep Drawn Presswork

The ability to produce shapes with complex geometries

The three main benefits around deep drawn presswork

  • High production volumes. As soon as the tooling has been created, the press can produce very high volumes with very little downtime.
  • Deep drawn presswork is ideal for creating lightweight yet very strong products.
  • The ability to produce shapes with complex geometries. Cylindrical objects such as metal tins in particular benefit from this process

What is deep drawn pressing?

Your vision is a precision, three-dimensional component, essential for your project or manufacturing process.

Our Production has to start with a flat sheet of metal. To get there we have to use Deep Drawn Pressing or Presswork to achieve the desired outcome.

In terms of a definition, when the depth of the drawn part greater than its diameter, the process is termed Deep Drawing.

Once the sheet or coiled metal has been fed into the press, either manually or automatically, the metal is first cut to the size needed. Next it is ‘drawn’ through a series of dies where the metal is moulded or folded in stages into the required shape.

The component may need to go through a series of reduction cycles to get the correct size before being drawn.

Because metals have varying malleability there may also be a need for additional heat treatment called ‘annealing’. Here a metal is heated to a particular temperature or colour when it is then allowed to cool slowly. This results in alteration of the physical and sometimes chemical properties. This also produces softening of the metal which means it can be cut and shaped more easily. Mild steel, for instance, is heated to a red heat and allowed to cool slowly.

Cotmor makes extensive use of its range of Deep Drawn Pressing machinery, providing container-style components to a wide range of industries including motor and medical sectors.

As with all projects we undertake, it all starts with your idea and we love to learn about new challenges.

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